6 Amazing Trends That Will Shape Mobile Marketing in 2020


6 amazing trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2020

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The leading players will in no doubt fight for authority in some major sectors as the influence of previous innovations and disruption comes to play.

The influence of previous mobile marketing disruptions and innovations will attract so much focus in 2020 as markets will continue to evolve and leading players will also fight for dominance. This prediction is specifically directed to augmented reality (AR), mobile video, where strong development could possibly conceive some winners, losers and many other mergers.

Mobile marketers as well will look inwards for ways to both social commerce and voice technology to influence the whole customer experience and, if successful, sales funnel will obvious be shortened. However, the rollout of 5G will enhance the speed of network and marketing strength around a newly supercharged mobile framework.

Here, we’ll discuss the six principal evolvements that are set to spill off this year in the world of mobile.


A battle for dominance in mobile video

The deduced figure buttressed what a whole lot people are already aware of: Mobile video hit a noticeable in the year 2018 and with traces of promising growth in this year.  Smartphones took first place such that it is widely used for watching online videos, with a 50% increase in mobile’s share for the first time. In tandem, smartphones were predicted to climb up to 72% growth rate on online video adverts. It’s evident that 2020 will possibly have big players than before to fight for dominance as video continues to evolve.


Voice tech’s blossoming role in the household

If all we did this years is test smart speakers’ usability in the home, then 2020 will surely be for branding by demonstrating the value of their voice tech. According to Adobe Analytics,  By the end of 2018, manager of smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home was predicted to cut across almost half (48%) of United States from 32% in August.

The adoption of smart speaker controlling consumers’ voice tech application and leaving  marketers with no choice but to research more on how to tap into this expanding channel — that which will simply expand for this year as people find it easier to converse with devices and the technology becomes apparently predictive as said by Becky Linahon, TetraVX’s

In 2020, firms will need to get a grasp of the stand of their voice tech’s in a home and see that it plays it objective role so that users won’t just turn it off- Aurimas Adomavicius, president of Devbridge Group’s said in an emailed response.


Social commerce: the new price of admission

Based on history, social commerce was not catching up with the evolving world until lately as their sales channel will springboard from a “nice to have” to the “price of admission” for savvy marketers in no time- Jon Beck, Columbus Consulting CEO replied the Mobile Marketer. Roughly 66% of brands reviewed by Gartner (a researcher) have employed the newest social commerce techniques within the recent year, but according to Elastic Path CMO Darin Archer’s contribution, brands in the previous year made use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest for gathering all of these efforts by creating more awareness. But in 2020, the organization is set to break that tide and concentrate on engagement instead.

Archer added in his conversation with mobile marketers that the main aim was formerly to gain the attention of intending users and drive lure them to an online store. In 2020, more social channels will kick-start their platforms to host these journeys fundamentally.



Influencer marketing gets bigger but goes small

Influencer marketing will definitely experience great developments and transformations this year as the market size for the strategy will surpass $8 billion by 2020 according to Influencer DB’s State of The Industry Report.

Besides, she explained that marketers will proceed to nurture their benchmark so that influencer can easily keep tab on the space. That way, increased investment can be better supported

As campaigns grow wider across many people, agencies and brands will be left with no choice but to also spare no effort to look for ways to stay on top of the game. Therefore, the need to find the fit market influencer for the campaign will. In 2020, brands could strengthen localized micro-influencers to serve campaigns that need a more authentic, precise and local contribution effectively according to InfluencerDB’s report.


5G set to supercharge mobile ecosystem

Despite the intriguing power strength the 4G mobile for video streaming, programmatic marketplaces, artificial intelligence and the very first invention of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), expert contributed that the ultrafast 5G will even perform brilliantly faster with it updated and super strong capabilities on mobile space.

The COO at mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource, Tal Shoham revealed that the ultra 5G would speed ten times faster than that of 4G, thereby allowing marketers to explore more informative adverts, such as playable and augmented reality, to bring about more enjoyable mobile network experiences without network obstacles.


AR leaves native apps for the mobile web

AR proceeded with its disruptive plans in the previous year thereby turning to be a core factor of both mobile adverts and shopping on social mediums. Predictions stated an increase of about $83 billion markets by 2021.

Connecting partners like Google, Facebook and Apple will still retain dominance in the space, either by innovating just like Tik Ton did or forcing micro organizations to fold up as Blippar did, or outrightly acquire them.

One core evolvement is maybe to be a wider plan to the mobile web, which’ll definitely assist brands in severing their AR campaigns ties from connection partners like Shazam, Snapchat and Facebook which serves as platform for  AR — for a price — and will be able to maintain and protect their data out of external reach.



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