5 things you should do before turning 30

turning 30

5 things you should do before turning 30

Often times. There is always a mindset that we all humans have come to carry about the circle of life; right from offsprings(childhood) to teenage to youth stage and to a stage where we can now finally take tacky decisions that may affect our life positively or negatively, where life reality is being unfolded to us, and life looks like a more clearer picture to us and that mindset had always been a “race for survival “.it had always been a race for the survival of the fittest where the weak wouldn’t survive, turning 30 is a great step in life.

Why? Because in a race, a runner knows where he is going and doesn’t deviate from his track!!! Well, that’s why I’ve come up with a few things you must do before you turn 30…

Complete your education

The level and rate at which the world is now changing are quite alarming. The revolution we are now is where the young minds are dominating the universe and becoming CEO’s even before turning 30…Even now most companies don’t employ old .it’s no news that graduates above 30 years of age can’t serve

An understanding of basic investing

Investing might be as easy or as complicated as you make it. Returns will likely be correlated to dangers, from secure CDs, to equities, to extremely leveraged actual property, you might want to perceive what you might be doing to turn into a profitable investor before turning 30. You can begin building good investing habits with as little as #100,000. Save some cash, put it into low-fee index funds, wait just a few many years and watch it develop. As you be taught extra about investing, you may diversify your portfolio and stability your threat.


Just before you clock 30 you should have known what marital life is all about…let’s take for example: when a man’s successful at the age of 20’s and comfortable and financially matured enough to take care of himself and family… Then, the issue of marriage comes quicker than slower…

Buy a ride

it sounds surprising, right? No it shouldn’t …look around you and you see just a few under 30’s using luxury cars and you be like wow!!! I want to do that to imagine how cool it will look; you riding a Venza or Toyota Camry muscle car at the age of 25… It sounds almost impossible, right? No, it’s possible…..There is something I learned long ago “walk towards the direction of actualizing your dreams and it will become true”…

Build a house

Well!!! It’s always the other way round in this case. Many people even at the age of 40 is still not a landlord. But I have seen a landlord at under 30 that has two houses on lease… it sounds mind-blowing, right? IT’S HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION

Bear children

Yeah… It’s an achievement. Though it’s always a secondary plan at the same time it’s one of the reasons for living or who don’t want children??…when you have achieved the above plan, this should be the next thing that should cross your mind

Automatically, having the other four brings this last one into the picture. You can’t bear children and not take responsibility for your duties as a parent.



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